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Daily Dose of Ellen Page
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Ellen Page

Ellen Page is most notable in her performance as Hayley Stark in Hard Candy, as well as Kitty Pryde in the latest X-Men installment. Her current project is An American Crime opposite Catherine Keener. Mouth to Mouth will be out in select theaters in Los Angeles on June 2.

About the Community

A community dedicated to Ellen Page and her work. Rules are simple: (1) Feel free to post pictures, news and graphics to your hearts content. (2) Icons more than 3 should be posted behind a cut. (3) Big pictures should go behind the cut as well. (4) No advertising, please. (5) Introduction posts are welcomed. (6) Entries are sorted into categories in the Memories Section. (6) Contact the maintainer (through shyknee@livejournal.com) if interested in becoming affiliates.

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